Growing Banana Trees in Container

Growing Banana Trees in Container

Growing Banana Trees in Container | How to Grow Banana Trees


Growing Banana tree in container is very simple and easy. If you failed to grow banana tree on ground then, learn how to grow banana trees in container.

Choose Variety

There is many varieties to dwarf, choose one that you want to grow.

  • Dwarf Jamaican
  • Rajapuri
  • Williams Hybrid
  • Gran Nain
  • Dwarf ‘Lady Finger’
  •  Red
  • Cavendish
  •  Brazilian

Growing Banana Tree in container

Growing banana tree in container in a tropical atmosphere is to a great degree simple, with next to zero care banana tree develops in the holder. If you’re living under USDA Zones 9 to 11, keep your banana tree in the shade in evening in summer, when the plant is youthful. The various prerequisites are comparative as given beneath in the article for mild zones. Check out other Fruits growing Article.


Growing Banana tree requires well-depleting soil, sandy soil that is rich in natural issues and fertilizer. Purchase a decent quality preparing blend for your banana tree. If you are ensuring to blend sand, perlite, and fertilizer or compost.

Banana needs somewhat acidic to impartial soil to deliver those potassium rich nutritious bananas. The dirt pH ought to associate with 6 – 7. In the event that your dirt is basic blend sulfur to diminish the pH.


Banana loves moisture. Water it consistently and profoundly yet mind not to overwater. In summer, water it consistently. It might require water even two times each day in sweltering climate or when it is root bound. Soil for developing banana plants ought to be kept consistently sodden. Lessen watering in winter.


Banana is a quickly growing and it requires substantial encouraging to grow at its full quality. Treat youthful plant when it builds up well with nitrogen-rich manure to enable it to become quicker. Once your banana tree in container winds up noticeably grow enough to create natural product, prepare it with 15:5:30 manure consistently.

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